Notes from 24/01/22

We continue to sing with masks on, socially distanced and ask that everyone takes a lateral flow test before the rehearsal.

After a vocal warm up, we looked at the following pieces:

  1. A Song for You
  • The focus was on singing the syncopated rhythm which occurs throughout the piece eg in Bars 38/39 – ‘you’ comes on the last quaver of Bar 39 BEFORE the first beat of Bar 40.
  1. Jubilate Deo
  • We sang through Bars 72 – 89 revising what we learned last week.
  • We learned a new section Bars 38-58 – the notes, rhythms and how the four parts fit together particularly in Bars 53 -58.
  • Note the rhythm of the triplets in Bars 48-50
  • At Bar 38, sing very quietly pp, but not more slowly.
  1. We threw it all away
  • Look back to detailed notes from previous week
  • Note which part has the accompaniment (‘Doo do doo’) and which part has the tune and words.
  1. Keep me
  • At A mark up – first time sing mp, second time sing mf.
  • Crescendo through Bars 3 and 4 (and Bars 7 and 8), Diminuendo through Bars 5 and 6 (and Bar 9). Crescendo in Bar 10 ready to return to A or go to B.
  • At Bar 9 sing through the minim.
  • At B mark up – first time sing f, second time sing mp.
  • In Bars 17 – 18, Crescendo and emphasise‘Shield Me’

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