Rehearsal notes 31/01/22

We continue to sing with masks on, socially distanced and ask that everyone takes a lateral flow test before the rehearsal.

After a vocal warm up, we looked at the following pieces:

  1. We threw it all away
  • We practised the phrase at Bars 23, 58 and 91 – the same notation and rhythm for sops. but look out for the differences in other parts
  • Bars 99-100, crescendo through the whole phrase
  • Throughout, keep ‘s’ sound as late as possible at the end of words such as minister(s), promise(s), glorie(s), heroe(s) to avoid ‘ssss’.
  • Observe the dynamics carefully – often different in each of the 4 parts
  1. Jubilate Deo
  • Watch out for triplet rhythms when they come eg Bars 48-57
  • For sops. in Bar 56, slur ‘e/ver’ unlike other parts
  • We learned notes and rhythms of Bars 59-69, concentrating on how the 4 parts fit together
  • We learned notes and rhythms of Bars 91- 105, note triplets and dynamics.
  1. Like a Rainbow
  • Mark up: A at Bar 22, B at Bar 35, C at Bar 44, D at bar 56, E at Bar 66, F at Bar 78.
  • We sang through the piece sight reading.
  1. Celebrate
  • We spent time practising the rhythms for the clapping and singing sections – to be performed from memory eventually. Mary provided ‘word rhythms’ to help accuracy and memory – see below. Practise before next week!
  • Note also how easy it is to lose pitch eg Bar 13/14 – be aware, and ‘smile’ to aid intonation.
  • Observe the many changes of dynamics throughout the piece.
  1. A Song for You
  • We revised the sections at B and E for sop/altos and at D for tenor/basses and the final section from Bar 86-end

Celebrate – Blue book p 34

Mary’s ‘word rhythms’ for clapping,



Yes, clapping

We are all clapping,

All clapping

We just start clapping

Just start clapping,

Yes, that’s how we start this piece!”




A Bullard

A Bullard

It’s by Alan Bullard

Alan Bullard

Joyful piece

It’s a joyful piece

It’s a tricky little piece

It’s a tricky little piece

And he wrote it” [Celebrate]

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