LPV Musical Notes – 7 February 2022

We continue to sing socially distanced and for some of the rehearsal with masks on. We ask that everyone takes a lateral flow test before the rehearsal.

After a series of warm up activities, we looked at the following pieces:

  1. Like a Rainbow
  • Be sure to sing accurate rhythm as in Bar 32 – ‘Together we are’. This rhythm occurs many times throughout the piece
  • Bar 71 for Altos & men – breathe before together
  • At F in Bar 78 – be ready for ‘We’ on 3rd beat
  • Bars 71- 76 note how the 3 parts have different rhythms – listen but don’t be distracted
  1. Jubilate
  • We revised and sang through Bars 38-69, paying attention to entries. Watch the pages 7/8 turn and be ready
  • Crescendo from Bar 59 through to Bar 69
  • Observe the pause at Bar 105 and back to tempo in Bar 106
  • In the final section, keep the vowels pure and clear in pronouncing ‘Amen’
  1. All will be well (Will Todd)
  • Note dynamics – Bar 11 mf as tenors join and Bar 16Tutti but p
  • Shape each phrase musically – gentle crescendo in and decrescendo out
  • Watch intonation, keep pitch up in repeated ‘all will be well’ sections
  • Bars 41 – 44, listen to others but stick to your own part for notes and rhythm
  • Crescendo through Bar 43 to 44
  • Careful to put the ‘t’ at the end of ‘shining light’
  1. A Song for you
  • At B and again at E, tenors and basses do not have the tune – sing accurately, be ready for entries, observe rests and rhythm but sing p
  • At D, sops and altos sing the accompanying ‘Ah’ section dreamily and pp
  • All – Crescendo through Bar 70
  1. Celebrate
  • We spent time practising the rhythms for the clapping and singing sections – to be performed from memory eventually. Mary provided ‘word rhythms’ to help accuracy and memory – see below. Practise before next week!
  • Order for singing- Clap section from Bar 1-8, into v1 at Bar 9, at 1st time Bar 20 back to Bar 9 for v2, at 2nd time Bar 20 back to Bar 9 for v3, at 3rd time Bar 20b, sing straight into Bar 21 and the ‘Ah’ and final clapping sections. Remember ‘ Celebrate’ in Bars 37&38.
  • Take a breath in middle of Bar 19
  • Keep up the pitch, in and between verses, throughout

Celebrate – Blue book p 34

Mary’s ‘word rhythms’ for clapping,



Yes, clapping

We are all clapping,

All clapping

We just start clapping

Just start clapping,

Yes, that’s how we start this piece!”




A Bullard

A Bullard

It’s by Alan Bullard

Alan Bullard

Joyful piece

It’s a joyful piece

It’s a tricky little piece

It’s a tricky little piece

And he wrote it” [Celebrate]

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