LPV Musical Notes – 28 February 2022

We continue to sing socially distanced and for, some of the rehearsal, with masks on. We ask that everyone takes a lateral flow test before the rehearsal.

Warm up activities focused on the importance of musical phrasing, ensuring the stress is on the first syllable of the word but that the second syllable is not cut off eg RAIN b o w

  1. Keep me
  • See notes from last week
  • Observe the crescendo at the end through Bar 17/18
  1. Jubilate
  • Bars 59 – 69 we practised the entries and learning to sing this section pp/p
  • We practised Bars 106 to the end for accuracy and confidence
  1. Like a Rainbow
  • Fig F – careful to observe the dynamics
  • CODA – Observe the rit. and decrescendo to ppp
  • At B – observe the f attack and quick decrescendo on each of the 3 words ‘Shining’
  • Mark up and watch the page turn 7-8
  • Men in Bar 50, no breath after ‘clothe’
  1. A Song for You
  • At D – men have tune, sop and altos to sing dreamily
  • At C – men to sing out f and in an agitated style
  1. Something inside so strong
  • Note 4 bars introduction.
  • First 4 bars sing as ‘ooh’, repeat sing as ‘ng’
  • Lead voices – all 4 parts to sing all of the lead line through the piece.
  • Bar 80 – observe the pauses. Phrase as ‘something inside, so strong’
  1. How sweet the sound
  • P28 (the Round). Initially tenors and basses sing section 1, altos sing section 2, sops sing section 3
  • P29 line 2. Think as 4 phrases eg Bar 2 – 6, Bar 6 – 10, Bar 10 -14, Bar 14 – 18

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