Rehearsal notes 7.03.22

We continue to sing socially distanced, masks for those who wish, and we ask that everyone takes a lateral flow test before the rehearsal.

Paul took the rehearsal this week. We revised and practised some of the more tricky sections in several pieces. We also helpfully sang through the pieces we had worked on from start to finish.

  • Jubilate
  • Bars 59 – 69 we practised the entries and learning to sing this section pp/p
  • We practised Bar 21 onwards for entries
  • We practised Bar 34 onwards to be confident about pitching the chord at Bar 38
  • We revised and practised the final Amen section from Bar 106
  • Like a Rainbow
  • We practised the section in Bars 54-56 (D) for timing and entries.
  • Watch the page turn at E
  • Bar 45 – altos and men revised their notes
  • We practised section from Bar 76 to Bar 84 to check counting in and entries.
  • A flower remembered (Blue book p2)
  • Sing the quaver/crotchet rhythm accurately eg Bar 7 for ‘re mem BERED’ – it occurs many times with other words eg wither, blooming, ling’ring, homeward (at Bar 27).
  • Watch the entries and rhythm Bar 34 into Bar 35.
  • Sops and altos – pitch ‘ah’ notes eg from accompaniment in Bar 29. Sing the ‘ah’ section softly but confidently
  • Note crescendo to f at letter C
  • How can I keep from Singing?
  • We sang through this 4 part harmony piece observing the differences for each of 3 verses.
  • How sweet the sound
  • Watch the semiquaver/dotted crotchet rhythm eg p28 Bar 12 for ‘found’ and Bars 18 and 22 for ‘blind’. It occurs elsewhere in the piece eg pp 30/31
  • For the Round p28 – men sing section 1, altos sing section 2, sops sing section 3.

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