Rehearsal notes – 14.03.22

We continue to sing socially distanced, masks for those who wish, and we ask that everyone takes a lateral flow test before the rehearsal.

Paul stepped in as accompanist this week.

Top Tip of the week!

Hold copies up, heads up and eyes on Mary, communicate with the audience. SMILE

  • All will be well
  • Sing through the two bar phrases eg ‘There’s a dream/that stays
  • ‘all will be well’ phrases – each time sing a gentle crescendo in and then diminuendo out
  • At Bar 27 – it’s 4part harmony but sing p
  • Crescendo over Bar 35
  • Watch out for page turn 14 to 15
  • Bar 42- Watch out for the different rhythms in each part and how they fit together
  • Big crescendo from Bar 43 through to Bar 48. Back to mf at Bar 49
  • Bar 52 sing at mp. Then anoverall diminuendo from Bar 52 to end butgentle crescendo in and diminuendo out of each ‘all will be well ‘ phrases
  • In final bars, sing and smile to keep up the pitch
  • Jubilate
  • The main aim was to sing through the piece with the organ accompaniment
  • We practised the entry on Bar 59 for accuracy and confidence
  • Throughout (for entries particularly) – count, watch Mary, listen to other parts and to the organ accompaniment
  • How can I keep from Singing?
  • Mark up instructions on sheet for who sings what and in which verse.
  • Dynamics. v1 – mp, v2 – mf, v3 – mf to f
  • In vv 1 and 2, decrescendo in last phrase/2 Bars. In v3, keep up the f in the last phrase
  • Watch out for sop and alto ‘new’ notes in Bars 7 and 15
  • Sing with fluency and meaning for the words – sing through phrases
  • How sweet the sound
  • We practised how the parts of the song fitted together in pages 29-31
  • v1 – parts sing the top line only: men sing their tune from Bar 2 – Bar 10 (‘Amazing grace’), altos take over from Bar 11 – Bar 18 (‘I was lost’ ) and sops finish by singing from Bar 19 – 26 (‘I was blind’)
  • v2 – as for v1 but when not singing their own tune, other parts sing from line 2 to accompany top line
  • v3 – tenors sing line 2 throughout whilst altogether, basses sing their own top line tune 3X, altos sing their top line tune 3X and sops sing their top line tune 3X
  • Sing with fluency and meaning for the words – sing through phrases
  • Something inside so strong
  • All SATB lead voices to sing all the lead section parts
  • Rest of choir practised tricky accompanying phrases eg Bars 41- 43, watch page turn 210 – 211, Bars 54- 60
  • All voices – note the rit. and pauses in the final bars – watch
  • Celebrate
  • The aim was to clap and sing this piece from memory including the Round.
  • All clap first section Bars 1- 8.
  • Sing v1 in unison Bars 9 – 20.
  • Sing vv 2 and 3 as an ongoing Round – sops and tenors start first at Bar 9, alto and basses start when sops and tenors reach Bar 11.
  • End of v3, sops and tenors repeat ‘our music’ to allow altos and basses to catch up.
  • All voices start final section together at Bar 20b with ‘Ah’ and clapping through to end

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