rehearsal notes -21.03.22

We continue to sing socially distanced, masks for those who wish, and we ask that everyone takes a lateral flow test before the rehearsal.

Mary G was back as accompanist – hurrah! The concert on Saturday 26th at St Michael’s has had to be cancelled. Instead, there is an extra rehearsal from 4pm – 6pm at St Stephen’s on Saturday. The concert at St Stephen’s on Monday 28th will go ahead at 7.30pm with a short rehearsal from 6.45pm

Top Tip of the week!

Hold copies up, heads up and eyes on Mary, communicate with the audience. SMILE

  • How sweet the sound
  • We practised how the parts of the song fitted together in pages 29-31
  • v1 – parts sing the top line only: men sing their tune from Bar 2 – Bar 10 (‘Amazing grace’), altos take over from Bar 11 – Bar 18 (‘I was lost’) and sops finish by singing from Bar 19 – 26 (‘I was blind’)
  • v2 – as for v1 but when not singing their own tune, other parts sing from line 2 to accompany top line
  • v3 – tenors sing line 2 throughout whilst altogether, basses sing their own top line tune 3X, altos sing their top line tune 3X and sops sing their top line tune 3X
  • Sing with fluency and meaning for the words – sing through phrases
  • Something inside so strong
  • All SATB lead voices to sing all the lead section parts
  • We revised the notes and rhythms for all voices and parts. Sing with spirit.
  • All voices – note the rit. and pauses in the final bars – watch Mary
  • We threw it all away
  • Listen for parts which sing the tune (sing up) and those which sing accompaniment (sing more quietly)
  • Keep all ‘s’ sounds short and clean throughout the piece
  • Add crescendo in Bars 29-32, and Bars 49 -52 (mp to f)
  • Watch out for rall and crescendo Bar 96 – 98. Watch Mary for Bar 99 to end
  • A Song for you
  • Solo from beginning to A and at Bar 92 to end
  • Observe pause at Bar 85
  • Throughout keep the pulse of the syncopated rhythm but sing tenderly/dreamily
  • Like a Rainbow shining
  • Follow the detail of the dynamics
  • Sing positively and with a smile.
  • Watch Mary for Coda – dynamics and tempo

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