Rehearsal notes 4.4.22

This was a rehearsal for handing in music, collecting new music for the weeks ahead and reviewing the concert performance of last week.

We made a start on the new repertoire.

Mary also announced that she wishes to hold sectional rehearsals (SATB) for 15 mins at the end of main rehearsal each week. Each voice will take turn to stay behind and work on how best to blend voices in each section. The altos will start at the first rehearsal back after the Easter break.

We continue to sing socially distanced, masks for those who wish, and we ask that everyone takes a lateral flow test before the rehearsal.

The next rehearsal will be on Monday 25th April.

After a vocal warm up we looked at the following pieces.

  • Les Miserables
  • We sang through the sections on p17-19 and p29 to end.
  • Note the strict rhythm of the dotted quavers
  • Note the important use of dynamics
  • Celebrate with music
  • We sang this through to familiarise ourselves with the piece
  • Note the three-part women’s voices in Bars 46/47, 67/69, 76/79, 89. A group from altos and sops was asked to take the middle notes of each chord
  • Cantate Dominum
  • This will be sung as a round – second group to start once first group reach 2 in Bar 4 on second line.
  • Do not sing (te) in Bar 5 on second line – cross this through. Instead sing ‘te’ in Bar 6
  • Viva la Musica
  • We sang this through to practise the tune. It will be sung as a round.

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