Rehearsal notes 03.05.22

We continue to sing socially distanced, masks for those who wish, and we ask that everyone takes a lateral flow test before the rehearsal.

After a vocal warm up we looked at the following pieces:

  • Cantata Domino
  • We learned the notes and rhythms in the 3 sections before putting it all together.
  • In Bar 2 breathe after ‘Domino’ ready for an uninterrupted semi quaver section on ‘cantate’.
  • To be sung from memory eventually
  • Vivaldi Gloria
  • We revised the legato sustained sections before singing the entire piece with some sections of piano accompaniment
  • See detailed notes from last week.
  • In addition, note – no break after Bar 39, no break after Bar 53, no break in Bar 68 between ‘gloria’ and ‘in excelsis’ and put the ‘l’ of ‘excelsis as late as possible just before Bar 66 (‘lsis’). Where there is no break, avoid ‘gloria rin’!)
  • Mark these up in your copy
  • The Phoenix will rise
  • We revised Chorus 1 on p3
  • We learned Chorus 2 and Chorus 3 which are similar to but not the same notation and rhythms as Chorus 1 – watch out.
  • Chorus 2 in Bar 67 no breath between ‘live’ and ‘once’
  • Note dynamics, rhythms and molto rall in Bar 93 onwards
  • Watch for 4/4 Bars 100 to 103
  • Celebrate with Music
  • Throughout observe the short quaver notes followed by rests eg in Bar 8 and 10, keep the ‘brate’ of ‘celebrate’ short
  • Note the 3 part top voices in Bar 11 and later– small group to sing the middle notes
  • Watch page turn at bottom of p3 and into legato section at Bar 19
  • Viva la musica (Blue books 24)
  • Articulate the words carefully eg Viva with emphasis on ‘VI’ and ‘MOOsica’
  • Note the repeat with 1st and 2nd time bars at the end

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