rehearsal notes 09.05.22

We continue to sing socially distanced, masks for those who wish, and we ask that everyone takes a lateral flow test before the rehearsal.

After a vocal warm up, which concentrated on the rhythms for ‘Celebrate with Music’, we looked at the following pieces:

  • Viva Musica (Praetorius)
  • We learned the notes and rhythms of the melody and then sang it as 2-part round.
  • Remember to sing ‘Viva’ with emphasis on ‘VI’ and pronounce musica as ‘MOOsica’
  • Note in Bar 5 and Bar 11, sing staccato and detached for ‘Viva’
  • Viva la musica (Blue books 24)
  • Articulate the words carefully eg Viva with emphasis on ‘VI’ and ‘MOOsica’
  • Note the repeat with 1st and 2nd time bars at the end
  • The Phoenix will rise
  • We revised Chorus 3 on p8 noting the molto rall in Bar 97. In Bars 93 onwards note the markings for breaks and breaths
  • We learned notes and rhythms for Verse 1. Watch the triplet rhythm in Bar 10 for all and in Bar 12 for altos and tenors
  • Note the break/breath marks after ‘flies’ in Bar 15 but no breath after ‘born’ in Bar 16
  • A Life lived with Grace
  • We learned the final refrain from Bar 65 to end. Note the 1st and 2nd time bars.
  • When singing ‘grace’ keep the ‘c’ sound as short and late as possible.
  • Celebrate with Music
  • We revised what we had done the previous week.

Bar 60 onwards, note the rhythm for ‘celebrate’ when all voices together – then especially from Bar 64 when men are singing a different rhythm alongside the rhythm for sops and altos.

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