Rehearsal notes 23.05.22

We continue to sing socially distanced, masks for those who wish, and we ask that everyone takes a lateral flow test before the rehearsal.

Please make every effort to listen to the recordings online.

After a vocal warm up, which included work on the rhythms for ‘Gloria Fanfare’ we looked at the following pieces:

  • Celebrate with Music
  • We worked on separate sections to revise what we had done before and then putting the piece together.
  • Bar 92 starting at p with a gradual crescendo through to f at end at Bar 99
  • Final ‘celebrate’ – last note on ‘brate’ change to crotchet and crotchet rest.
  • Bar 85, start p and crescendo through Bars 87 and 88
  • Watch out for page turn and entry at bar 92
  • Bar 25 – 42, we looked at this new section for notes and rhythms Note mp throughout until crescendo from bar 38. Sing with legato style in contrast with other sections
  • Bar 19 – stress the ‘A’ of ‘Allelujah’
  • Phoenix will rise
  • We reviewed all previous sections learned – noting for each verse and chorus the details of changes of dynamics, the changes of rhythms and the style.
  • Where the word ‘ashes’ occurs in the Chorus eg Bar 29, keep the final ‘s’ as quiet and late as possible
  • Be careful with the change of time signatures (3/4 and 4/4) in the final section on p9.
  • We sang through the entire piece.
  • A Life lived with Grace
  • We worked on v3 and refrain, learning the notes. Note v3 starts at mp, withcrescendo to f for first time bar and to ff for second time bar.
  • For v2 on p3, sops sing through the words with no breaths/breaks. Altos, tenors, and basses singing ‘Ah’ accompaniment, break at end of Bar 27 and again at end of Bar 31
  • We are the Champions
  • We started this piece by learning words and rhythms from beginning to Bar 21.
  • Note the rhythm (tied note) in Bar 9

Watch out for different and changing note lengths at the ends of phrases eg dotted minim, dotted crotchet, quaver

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