Rehearsal notes 06.06.22

We continue to sing socially distanced, masks for those who wish, and we ask that everyone takes a lateral flow test before the rehearsal.

Please make every effort to listen to the recordings online.

After a vocal warm up, which included work on the rhythms and singing the legato sections for ‘Gloria Fanfare’, we looked at the following pieces:

  • Gloria Fanfare
  • We revised all sections with the 3-part harmony for confidence and prompt entries
  • Bar 27 – sing in legato style with long vowels and short consonants
  • Note no breath/break in Bars 37/38
  • Bars 43 /44 – stagger breathing to sustain the 8 beats
  • Be prepared for page turn pp7/8
  • The Phoenix will rise
  • We revised v2. Note rall and piano introduction in 4/4 time, entry on the 4th beat of Bar 39, observe the triplet rhythms when they come, observe the dynamics, listen to how the 4 parts fit together
  • We revised v3. Note shorter introduction, no breaks/breath in Bars 79 – 82
  • Throughout, keep the final ‘s’ in word ‘ashes’ as quiet and late as possible
  • Listen to the recording!
  • Les Miserables 
  • Basses begin at p 17 Bar 133 in the booklet – ‘Do you hear’. Rest of choir join as in score. After Bar 155, skip to p29 to begin on the 4th beat of Bar 252.
  • Final bars, separate the long chords, observe the rall and sing ff
  • Start Bar 252 at p with a long crescendo through p29.
  • Throughout observe the dynamics but build volume changes gradually. Do not over-sing each section initially
  • We are the Champions
  • We revised the notes, rhythms and parts from the start. The rhythms are unpredictable – read music carefully
  • Note first time at Bar 61, D.S al Coda, return to Bar 22, sing to 2nd time to Coda at Bar 38 (sops – ‘of the world’) and then turn on and pick up at Bar 62 (Coda) for final chorus
  • Finish singing at Bar 77 – pause, then choir say ‘of the world’
  • A Life Lived With Grace
  • In v1, a small group from each part to sing Bars 1-12. Rest of choir join in Bar 13 – watch the page turn. Note first and second time bars.
  • In v2, altos, tenors and basses sing ‘Ooh/ah’ accompaniment. Breathe at Bars 27/28 and in middle of Bar 31
  • Note the dynamics 

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