Rehearsal notes 20.06.22

This was the final rehearsal before our two concerts this coming week.  Please make every effort to look at your parts in the scores and to listen to the recordings online.

This is also the last set of rehearsal notes before the break – have a good summer and see you in the autumn.

We checked out the tricky sections in some of the pieces but then sang most of them through as in performance. They included the following: 

  • Viva la Musica (Praetorius)
  • To be sung from memory and as we walk in
  • v1 – solo, v2 – men, v3 – altos (+sops?)
  • v4 and v5 sung as round – men to start, altos join after 2 bars, sops join after further 2 bars. Watch for ending.
  • Les Miserables
  • Note start on p17, basses followed by tenors, followed by all.
  • Cut to p29, listen for key change, observe entry at Bar 252 – start p, with a gradual crescendo to end at ff – Watch
  • Celebrate with Music
  • We practised Bars 60 – 70 to revise the rhythms, how parts fit together and to include the clapping.
  • Clap the first beat only of the bar in Bars 13 & 14, 48 & 49, 60 to 70, 79 & 80
  • SIng out the two styles – ‘Celebrate’ sections are strong, short and ff, ‘Let your heart’ sections are legato and p
  • We are the Champions
  • Take care with dotted minims/dotted crotchets on first page and syncopated rhythm in Bar 9
  • Keep ‘s’ sounds late and quiet at the ends of words
  • Look out for entry over the page at Bar 44
  • The Phoenix will Rise
  • Be alert to the entries for v2 and v3, on last beat of the bar
  • Watch the breathing marks from Bar 93 to the end
  • A song for you
  • Remember, if singing any accompaniment parts, keep volume down, but if singing the tune, sing out
  • Note solo at start and finish. Watch Mary!
  • Gloria (Vivaldi)
  • Count, listen, watch for the entry in Bar 17 – don’t miss it after the long introduction and sing it out confidently
  • Be sure to join phrases ‘gloria in excelsis’ when they occur eg Bar 32, Bar 39 to Bar 40, Bar 68 and ‘excelsis Deo’ in Bars 53 to 54.
  • Sustain the semibreves in Bar 43 – 48, if necessary take staggered breathing
  • A Life Lived With Grace
  • In v1, a small group from each part to sing Bars 1-12. Rest of choir join in Bar 13 – watch the page turn. Note first and second time bars.

In v2, altos, tenors and basses sing quietly the ‘Ooh/ah’ accompaniment. Breathe at Bars 27/28 and in middle of Bar 31

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