Notes from 19th September 2022

It was wonderful to come together to sing with LPV after the summer break and to think about the 2022-23 season ahead.

We were pleased to welcome some new faces and we trust that more of our members will be with us next week.  Mary B and Mary G were in very good form and we thank them. 

As a tribute to the late Queen Elizabeth 2nd we held a minute’s silence before singing her Jubilee song ‘A Life Lived with Grace’.  

We continued with a musical workshop; general exercises to tone the body ready to sing, practising good posture and breathing from the diaphragm, breathing exercises, using tongue and lips to practise clear articulation of words, how to project words which start with different consonants (eg How Are You Tonight). All good fun and very useful.

We then started to tackle the exciting bundle of music planned for later in the year, holding back on the Christmas music for a few weeks yet.

We worked on the following pieces:

  • Let love shine through
  • We looked at Backing lines 1,2 and 3. For each we practised the ‘words’ with their syncopated rhythm. We then put the 3 lines together – one group singing the rhythm of each line against the rhythm of the others.
  • West Side Story
  • We looked at p51 from Bar 185. We practised the syncopated clapping and the alternate bars of syncopated spoken high pitched ‘Aye’
  • We learned the notes for each of the 3 parts from Bar 294 and then how the parts fitted together.
  • God so love the world
  • We learned the parts for Bars 1-7and then sang these in 4 part harmony.Be careful to delay, for as long as possible, the ‘s’ of ‘so’

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