Rehearsal Notes 26th September 2022

Warm Up

Focused on the beginning and ends of words using phrases

How are you tonight

Chris may sing tonight

Moving up and down the scale

God So Loved the World

  • Focused on ending of words in first phrase – God so loved the world
  • Keep the ‘s’ of so short.
  • Learnt and sang bars 1 – 16 and 68 – end.
  • Gradual crescendo from bar 5 – 12
  • Last phrase needs to be very, very quiet but still audible!!

Let Love Shine Through

  • Practised syncopated rhythms (ie against or off the beat.)
  • Everybody learnt and practiced backing parts 2, 1 and 3 then split into random groups across the voices and sang through, with each group having chance to sing each part.
  • All learnt and sang verse from bar 12 – 19 and chorus bars 27 – 35. 
  • Altos and basses sang chorus tune while sopranos and tenors sang backing parts in previously allocated groups!
  • Random people from each voice chosen to sing verse whilst rest sang backing parts.

Speed Your Journey (Va, pensiero)

  • First practiced choral breathing – people breathing in different places so that the overall effect is that it sounds as if no one is breathing!
  • Sang through to ‘doo doo’ to consolidate rhythm as lots of dotted quavers/semiquavers.
  • Looked at bars 22 – 25 first. Be aware how words fit in – several notes to one syllable.
  • Bar 24 gradual slide on crescendo NOT a swoosh.
  • Sang from beginning to bar28 – all in unsion (and English)

West Side Story

  • Page 51 – revised claps and aye, aye, aye from last week – remember high pitched eye eye eye sound!!
  • Learnt and sang from bar 294 – end. Remember to accent the ‘i’ in Amer-i-ca.
  • Bars 208 – 216 Sopranos and tenors on top line, altos and basses on bottom line.
  • Bars 230 – 241 men together.

If you are unable to attend a rehearsal, please let Mary know ASAP in case she needs to adapt what we’re covering in the rehearsal.

Remember to bring a pencil!

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