Rehearsal Notes – 03 October 2022

After some warm up activities to practise articulation of words, pitch, listening to each other and watching the conductor, we worked on the following pieces:

  • Speed Your Journey (Nabucco)
  • Put in letters A on p5 Bar 25, B on p6 Bar 28, C on p8 Bar 40
  • In Bar 24, hold and crescendo through the minim
  • Bar 23 – be careful to match the phrasing of ’temples’ with correct notation 
  • Bar 27, no breath/break after ‘joy’
  • Bar 34 – hold crotchet on ‘home’ of ‘homelands’ for continuity
  • Bar 34 and 35 – observe the rests
  • God so love the world
  • Place the consonants crisply in right place 
  • In phrase ‘God so loved’ etc – delay the s of ‘so’
  • Bar 17 – control and shorten the sh sound in ‘should’ and ‘perish’. But give an accent to perish and crescendo through Bar 19
  • Bar 28, mark up and observe a brief rest after ‘world’ and before ‘God’
  • Bar 34 – 4 parts join in unison but sing quietly
  • The Beat of a Different Drum
  • We sang this through, learning notes and how parts fit together
  • Sing the ‘dum tikka’ sections very precisely and with punch.
  • Sing legato for the sections with words from Bar 17
  • West Side Story
  • We sang through the whole piece ‘America’ Bar 208 to end. Note piano introduction from Bar 204
  • From Bar 220 to 228 – note this is a dialogue (solo?) and again at Bar 276 to 284
  • Let love shine through
  • Choir was allocated into one of 4 groups – Melody, Backings 1,2 and 3. We sang through to Bar 36 including the repeat section.

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