LPV Musical Notes – 7 November 2022

We started as usual with warm activities. We then practised the following:

  • Ring the Bells
  • From B starting at Bar 12 note the different rhythm for sops, observe the rests in each bar between phrases for sop, alto and tenor lines and crescendo for all.
  • Bar 16/17, be careful in each part to sing the accurate rhythm on ‘harmony’
  • I’m Dreaming
  • Bar 8 sops and altos, sing syncopated rhythm for ‘of a white’ 
  • From B to C, tenor and basses practised the notes and rhythms – sing out this section (f) with sops and altos accompanying above (mp)
  • At B, altos sing ‘Doh’ etc as in sops line
  • At E all parts to hold the minims and dotted minims on ‘dreaming’
  • Jazz Gloria
  • Refer to the table at the top of the sheet for who is singing what in each of the 5 verses.
  • In part B, Bar 4, breathe after ‘Messiah’.
  • In part D, note the split for sops 1&2 and tenors 1&2 in last 2 bars
  • Note the repeats in all parts 
  • In the bleak midwinter
  • Take care to sustain the minims and dotted minims.
  • Crescendo or (depending on position in the phrase) decrescendo smoothly through the long notes to create a legato effect.
  • First time: altos and basses begin Bar 2 to Bar 10, sops and tenors sing Bar 10 – Bar 14, all sing Bar 14 – 1st time Bar 22, sops and tenors pick up ‘snow had’ in Bar 22 and go back to repeat Bar 11-14 and all sing again Bar 14 – 2nd time Bar 22.
  • Second time – the Canon round: alto 1 and bass 1 start in Bar 2 (‘in the bleak’) and sing to Bar 10, alto 2 and bass 2 start to sing (‘in the bleak’) from Bar 2 immediately after alto 1 and bass 1 and sing through to Bar 10. At Bar 10, sop 1 and tenor 1 start to sing ‘snow had fall..’ and carry on to Bar 14, sop 2 and tenor 2 start to sing ‘snow had fall..’ immediately after sop 1 and tenor 1 and sing through to Bar 14. At Bar 14, choir 1 (sop, alto, tenor and bass) start to sing ‘in the bleak’ and continue to 1st time Bar 22, choir 2 (sop, alto, tenor and bass) start to sing ‘in the bleak’ at Bar 14 immediately after choir 1 and continue to 1st time Bar 22. Repeat this Canon pattern once more from Bar 11 to end Bar 22.
  • The Gift
  • Chorus 4, Bar 82 onwards – we practised how parts fit together for this section with the ‘Ah’ accompaniment in top 2 lines. Take care to observe the rests.
  • We practised v3. Breathe after ‘know’ in Bar 76, do not breathe after ‘gifts’ in Bar 78
  • Kyrie Eleison (When Christ was Born)
  • We sorted out who was singing which part
  • Note change of dynamics for different verses.
  • In v4, breathe after ‘Christ’

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