Rehearsal Notes 30th January 2023

The Beat of a Different Drum

  • Pgs. 8 & 9 bars 94 – 106 practices the ‘loo loo’ section
  • Atlo & bass get first note bar 96 from S &T – C# down to B
  • Remember to slur ‘loo’ and keep it smooth
  • Sang through whole piece – keep it moving
  • Remember to watch Mary intently at the end as we will be getting faster and stronger – should be able to do the last part (from bar 127) by heart so can watch

Djembe player needed – Mary will bring a drum next week for anyone interested to have a go at playing rhythms.

Halima Pakasholo

  • Response – on second halima, keep the ‘ma’ very short
  • For response S & T sang melody 1, A & B sang melody 2
  • Small group volunteered to sing call (Mary will confirm groupings later)

Gypsy Rover  

  • Sang straight through
  • Ladies sing in a ‘mocking’ way
  • Page 3 from last bar to the end, looked at each part individually  
  • Last 3 notes for everybody staccato (short) and piano (quiet)
  • Beware of subtle differences: Altos bar 33 – not same rhythm, Basses bars 34 and 35 not the same as before (split)
  • Sang through from bar 27 to end

This is Me

(Possible solo at beginning and end)

  • Sight read from bar 17 in unison (all men together as Baritones)
  • Be aware of rhythms and RESTS!
  • Learnt from bar 29 onwards in parts (oh oh oh section)
  • Mark bottom of page 6 as quick change of rhythm over page
  • Be careful to sing ‘OH’ (open mouth) and not ‘Whoh’
  • Bar 43 – ladies unison
  • Bar 45 – middle and bottom ladies ‘glo’ notes should be tied as Sops and men are
  • Sang from bar 47 – same as before
  • Learnt from bar 59 to 76
  • Sang through all new material

Let Love Shine Through

  • Looked at bar 19 last note through to 27 and learnt each part
  • Practiced putting the different parts together in different combinations then put the whole section together
  • If you have rests, sing them loudly!

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