LPV Musical Notes – 07 February 2023

Our numbers were lower last night as several people were suffering with winter virus. Nonetheless, we had an excellent rehearsal to revise and polish pieces we had learned in recent weeks. We hope that we shall be back to full strength next week.

Let love shine through

  • We started by reminding us of singing parts (Melody, Backing 1,2 3) and sitting positions. We also revised the ‘geography’ of the piece. For reference this is:
    • Sing Bar 1 to Bar 35 (1st time), back to Bar 8 and sing 9 (2) to Bar 35 (2nd time)
    • All sing the bridge section Bar 36 to Bar 52
    • From p9 Bar 52 to end – first time backing groups sing Harmony 1,2 3. At Bar 59, all go back to Bar 52.
    • From Bar 52 second time, Backing groups sing Backing 1,2,3. Harmony in top line sung by sops and tenors 1&2.  After Bar 58 second time, cut to second time Bar and finish together on ‘Yeah’.
  • We practised the notes and rhythms from Bar 30 and how parts fit together.  Be careful to count the rests.
  • We practised the ‘Bridge’ section and smooth transition into Bar 51/52
  • Keep the word ‘through’ as short as possible eg ‘thru’

Halima pakashola

  • Small group (Kath S, Diana, Elaine, Naomi, Janet, Leyla, Lauren) to sing the ‘Call’
  • Sop and alto to sing ‘Response Melody 1 ’ line. Tenors and basses to sing ‘Response Melody 2’ line. 
  • This may be the song to start the concert – sung from memory

This is Me   

  • We worked in detail on some sections of this piece to learn notes, harmonies rhythms and how parts fit together.
  • Bar 59 -71, we practised the 3 part harmony in upper voices and how these bars fitted with men’s parts.
  • Hold the minims for full value in Bars 54 and 56
  • We practised Bar 35 onwards – for which voice sings which part, for note accuracy and for 3 part harmony – mark your copy.

West Side Story

II One Hand, One Heart Bar 34.

  • Sing this piece quietly but precisely and tenderly – tranquillo!
  • Put in phrasing – breath marks in Bar 37, Bar 41, Bar 53, Bar 57, Bar 59 (crescendo in Bar 58), Bar 63, Bar 65.
  • At Bar 66, sing pp.
  • Keep the ‘s’ and ‘t’ at the end of ‘hands’, ‘hearts’, ‘part’ as short and quiet as possible.
  • From Bar 74, note the phrasing and breath marks – Bar 77, Bar 81, Bar 83, Bar 87, Bar 89. Sing through and crescendo Bar 85 to 86. Note breathing in Bar 93 for top parts and for men
  • Sops and altos practised the 3part harmony Bar 85 – end. For top sops, Bar 94 to end sing very high notes on open vowel.

The beat of a different drum

  • Note which part is singing in each line
  • Throughout – count, observe the rests and the rhythms
  • We sang the piece through – watch out for Bar 132 onwards – change of tempo, stay together. Memorise so we can watch Mary

Speed your journey

  • Write in the English words for your own part
  • Remember to elongate vowels and shorten consonants
  • Sustain the long flowing phrases
  • Gentle and gradual crescendo at Bar 25
  • We sang through the piece to get a feel for the music

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