LPV Musical Notes – 30 May 2023

Mary reminded us that there are only two rehearsals after this one before the concerts.  We are all asked to look at our scores and listen to recordings to check our parts.

After the warm up exercises, which focused on the ‘Allelujah Amen’ articulation and rhythms from Zadok the Priest we practised the following pieces:

Now the sun is rising Up

  • Mary checked who was singing which part – 1, 2 or 3 – names had been sent out earlier in the week
  • Each part practised the rhythm and pronunciation of the backing music and how parts fit together in sections A-E
  • From section G there are 2 verses. v1 as given. After Bar 18 first time round, go back to Bar 15 for 2nd verse. The words are ‘Now the sun is at its height, I feel a confidence in my heart and in my soul’ After Bar 18 , 2nd time round, go onto Bar 19 to end 

Zadok the Priest

  • First chorus – note harmony is in 7 parts.Breathe after ‘Solomon’ in penultimate choral bar
  • Chorus 2 – Alto 2 and tenors sing dotted quaver rhythm in Bar 3 on ‘rejoic’d’
  • Chorus 3 – God save the King. We sang through parts of this section to practise notes and rhythms. Note altos are in 2 parts. Keep all the quavers (Amen Allelujah) very short and detached
  • Basses 1&2 when singing the semiquaver runs– take staggered breathing to keep continuity.
  • Section C – sops 1&2 to sing 2 part harmony in the semiquaver runs for ‘Amen’.
  • Section D- altos and tenors sing the semiquaver runs on ‘Amen’
  • Throughout observe dotted quavers, rests and keep all quavers detached.
  • Final Bars -sing rhythmically, at ff, and watch Mary!

Like a Rainbow shining

  • We sang through this piece to revise notes, rhythms, how parts fit, dynamics
  • We practised section E to end. Decrescendo from Bar 81- 83. Hold semibreves in last 2 bars, rit and decrescendo – fade out
  • At B, follow dynamics accurately for f and decrescendo on each ‘shining’. Breathe after bar 36 and hold semibreves in Bar 41/42 – mp to p and smile!
  • Bar 45 and 47 – watch out for alto and bass entries

The Rose

  • We revised the notes and parts – who has the tune and who sings an accompaniment. Mark up and observe the dynamics for each part.
  • Note the altos have the tune at Bar 29 – sing it out. 

Calm and deep peace/Simple Gifts (Blue book p25)

  • To start, soprano solo for Bars 3-8. Sops and altos join at Bar 9
  • Be alert and on time for transitions – Bar 20 v2 for tenors and basses, Bar 33 v3 tenors and basses – sing out tune. ‘Tis the gift’.  Bar 34 sops and altos join with ‘calm and deep peace’ tune
  • Bar 49/50 watch the page turn and be ready to sing

Gypsy Rover  

  • Note addition of v2. Bar 3 – 22 sing v1 and go back to Bar 3 for 2nd verse. Words are ‘She left behind her velvet gown and boots of Spanish leather. They whistled and they sang til the green woods rang, as they rode off together’. After v2 basses go on to pick up final section on Bar 24. Watch for entries over the page.

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