LPV Musical Notes – 05 June 2023

A reminder that the rehearsal next week on 12 June will be at St Margaret Mary’s Church

(L14 0JG) at 7pm and will go on until 9.20.

 We practised the following pieces:

Halima pakasholo

There are 6 verses. These are:

v1 – Call group (Melody 1 line) and single beat of drum. Call group to extend the last crotchet beat on ‘o’ of ‘pakasholo’

v2 – Call group (Melody 1 line) but with drum rhythm 

v3 – Call group (Melody 1 line) adding Response group of sops and altos 

(Melody 1 line) and drum rhythm 

v4 – As v3 but add Response group of tenors and basses (Melody 2 line) and drum rhythm

v5 – As v4 but no drum at all

v6 – As v4 

Like a Rainbow shining

  • We sang through this piece to revise notes, rhythms, how parts fit.
  • Note quaver rests, sustain the semibreves, observe breathing marks.
  • In particular,  observe the dynamics, Watch Mary!  

Zadok the Priest

  • First chorus – Sing out ff.  Breathe after ‘Solomon’ in penultimate choral bar
  • Chorus 2 – Alto 2 and tenors sing dotted quaver rhythm in Bar 3 on ‘rejoic’d’. Pronounce more as ‘re jawsed’ with emphasis on 2nd syllable. In final 3 bars, breathe after ‘rejoiced’ but join ‘and said’ 
  • Chorus 3 – God save the King. We sang through parts of this section to practise notes and rhythms. Keep all the quavers (Amen Allelujah) very short and detached

In all parts, using staggered breathing to keep continuity of semiquaver runs

Final Bars – watch Mary for quaver rest and grand finish!

West Side Story

  • We sang through and revised notes, parts, rhythms and dynamics from last concert.  
  • III America We practised Bars 204 – 302. Watch page turn 44/45. Cut from Bar 241 to 264. Note sops and altos singing alternating parts from Bat 276
  • IV Somewhere p 53. Note solo on p53 and all join in Bar 10. All voices to check notes and particularly for 3 parts in top voices from Bar 18
  • II Maria, One Hand, One Heart. Note solo from p21, other voices join from Bar 9 and then gradually drop out. 3 part harmony from 34, sing tranquillo and p. Observe breathing marks and which phrases carry over.

Over the Rainbow

  • We sang through this piece to revise structure, notes, rhythms, dynamics.
  • Not solo Bars 5-12 and Bars 68 – 71.

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