LPV Musical Notes – 12 June 2023

The rehearsal was at St Margaret Mary’s Church (L14 0JG). This was a chance to get used to the seating and acoustics of the church which is new to us.  

We sang through most of the pieces which we are to perform – to revise what we have learned and be better prepared for the concerts. See previous rehearsal notes for more detailed comments on each piece.

The big message is: hold scores up, keep heads and eyes up, listen to Mary G and other voices and WATCH Mary. 

Now the sun is rising up

  • Check the ‘pattern’ of the piece – the parts and rhythms, the repeats, after Bar 18 1st time go back to F and to new words for extra 2nd verse from G. Heads up and watch.

For the Beauty of the Earth (Rutter p12)

  • Not all sops and altos singing.
  • Observe the changing dynamics, rests, singing through some phrases as marked, how parts fit together, sing p, rall and decrescendo at the end.

Zadok the Priest

  • Be prepared for strong ff opening to Chorus 1 having moved into singing positions.  Breathe after ‘Solomon’ in penultimate choral bar
  • Chorus 2 Alto 2 and tenors sing dotted quaver rhythm in Bar 3 on ‘rejoic’d’. Pronounce more as ‘re jawsed’ with emphasis on 2nd syllable. In final 3 bars, breathe after ‘rejoiced’ but join ‘and said’. Give ‘rejoiced’ a full minim beat if applies.
  • Chorus 3Keep all the quavers (Amen Allelujah) very short and detached

In all parts, using staggered breathing to keep continuity of semiquaver runs

             The Rose

  • Not all sops and altos singing
  • We revised the entries for clarity and accuracy, how parts fit together, who has the tune, dynamics.
  • A lyrical piece – keep it flowing. Observe the rall and long decrescendo at the end

Halima pakasholo

  • There are 6 verses. These are:
  • v1 – Call group (Melody 1 line) and single beat of drum. Call group to extend the last crotchet beat on ‘o’ of ‘pakasholo’
  • v2 – Call group (Melody 1 line) but with drum rhythm 
  • v3 – Call group (Melody 1 line) adding Response group of sops and altos 
  • (Melody 1 line) and drum rhythm 
  • v4 – As v3 but add Response group of tenors and basses (Melody 2 line) and drum rhythm
  • v5 – As v4 but no drum at all
  • v6 – As v4 

Goodbye until we meet again

  • Remember to start with basses at Bar 9.
  • Count – sing entries on time and clearly. We revised notes and how parts fitted together.
  • Importantly – scores up, heads up and WATCH!

Praise to the Lord

  • We sang through to revise notes and parts for each verse – which are different
  • Count and listen in the Coda. A celebratory joyful hymn – sing in the style

Calm and deep peace

  • Note the solo start to Bar 9
  • Observe the breathing marks and also the times to sing through phrases
  • Be prepared for the page turn 29/30 and crisp entry at Bar 50  

Gypsy Rover

  • We sang through for notes and how parts fit together
  • Remember after Bar 22 1st time to return to beginning for v2 with new words

Over the Rainbow

  • Note the solo beginning Bar 5 – Bar 11

West Side Story

  • We briefly sang through and revised sections II, III, IV for parts, rhythms and dynamics, particularly to include the solo sections

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